Welcome to the web page for In The Field, a collection of nine short stories about people studying wild animals.  Although fiction, these stories are windows to the world of scientific research and the people who conduct it.  The scientists in these stories work where the animals live, in the field.  Their work may involve unusual tasks like wrestling crocodiles, hunting whales from a helicopter, collecting fresh (still warm!) monkey poop, or catching frogs by hand.  Their work requires concentration, but they also have distractions.

Like many of us, they have baggage from other phases of their lives.  While engaged with their projects they may also be grappling with ambitions, personal concerns, and emotional scars.  

For a different reading experience, try these stories of adventure, action, and animals.

The first paragraphs of each story and the pictures of its subject animal are presented below.  So just keep scrolling for a sampling of the book.  And after that are the biographical sketches of the author and illustrator.

The book, paperback and Kindle versions, are available on Amazon.com. In the search window at the top of the page, just type in “clifford Hui,” hit return, and stand back.

Biographical Sketches

About The Author

cov  Clifford Hui grew up in El Centro, California.  He received his BA from Pomona College, MA from San Diego State University, and PhD from UCLA.  He also served in the US Army in the enlisted ranks.  He conducted studies of wild animals for over three decades.  About half of that time was with the US Navy’s dolphin program where he studied locomotion and other aspects of the biology of dolphins, penguins, and crabs.  He also worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Geological Survey where he focused on contaminant impacts on terrestrial wildlife, mainly birds. In retirement he writes short stories.  Some have won praise from editors, and some have won contests.  You can check them out at CliffordHuiStoriesEtc.com.  He lives in Concord, California, where he tends to his garden, to his collection of aloha shirts, and to Gus, his pet python.

About The Illustrator

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cov2-copy-1.jpeg  Suzanne Baird always loved the arts. While completing a BA in US history and literature at Pomona College, she audited every art history class she could.  The need to earn a living prompted an MA-Education at Stanford then teaching in California public schools. An MBA, U. Oregon led to a career switch to banking and corporate finance and a CFA.  Upon retirement, she returned to her love of drawing.  Her subjects are from nature with prints sold in Berkeley, California, where she lives